So that all children, including the most vulnerable, are ready to succeed in home, school, and community, the BCC curriculum is based on the developmentally appropriate practice guidelines established by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), the Infant/Toddler Rating Scale-R (ITERS-R) and the Early Childhood Rating Scale-R (ECERS-R) by Harms, Clifford and Crye, and the Tennessee Early Learning Developmental Standards. TheITERS-R and ECERS-R were adopted by the State of Tennessee as its measure of quality for the Report Card on Child Care and its rated childcare license. In addition, BCC has adopted the Metro Public Schools Pre-kindergarten Standards in literacy and math.


Lesson planning and curriculum address all aspects of a child’s development. Cognitive development is encouraged through active, hands-on experiences relevant to the instructional theme or questions raised by children in a variety of settings (individual, small group, large group). Social/emotional development is supported through teaching and modeling of conflict resolution and negotiation skills, development of manners and courtesy through family style meals, and participation in outreach projects, such as collection of food for the homeless. Physical development is enhanced through outdoor play that uses fine and gross motor skills. Children have scissors, staplers, playdough, clay, pencils, crayons, markers and other materials to encourage fine motor development. Gross motor development is incorporated into group activities involving music, movement, and creative dramatics, as well as neighborhood walks and outdoor play.